Холбоо барих



This century’s unique characteristics have been described by the philosophy: globalization brings borderless opportunities and barriers which only can be solved by borderless methods. Education has become the most important concept that concerns every generation and becoming more globalized. In other words, education has become one of the first sectors that are being heavily globalized.

People are becoming citizens of the world and citizens of the world are living, working and studying in a vast world. Even though we live in Mongolia, the heart of Central Asia, we have the opportunity to learn from other countries’ wide database of academic knowledge and quality education. Accreditation plays important role as education becomes more global.

As accreditation criteria, standards and requirements become similar in every country, the educational documents will be transferrable to any country and easy to evaluate based on the similar foundation. Even though it has been little over 15 years since accreditation was established in Mongolia, MNCEA has become well respected organization not only in Mongolia but also to the world by becoming the member of honored international quality assurance networks.

We provide inquiry to many foreign evaluation qualification agencies, regarding Mongolian higher education institutions accreditation status, which is essential to students who are continuing their higher education abroad and coming back to Mongolia as an educated citizens. Through our web site provide quickly response and up to date valuable information to our users, colleagues and to all the people living and working in Mongolia as well as abroad.

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