Mongolian Information Center for Academic Recognition /MICAR/'s participation in the joint research study as a Party to the 2011 Tokyo Convention.

In November 2020, the launch of the new portal of the Asia-Pacific Network of National Information Centers (APNNIC), as required by the 2011 Tokyo Convention created a common space for Parties to the Convention to share authoritative and updated information. There remains a need for increased transparency, information sharing, mutual understanding, and enhancing partnership building in the Asia-Pacific region. With this need in mind, UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, as the secretariat of the Tokyo Convention Committee and APNNIC, is launching a research study on Recognition of Secondary School Leaving Diplomas, Certificates and standardized tests giving access to Higher education. This research is envisioned as a starting point for increased transparency, comparability, and compatibility among higher education systems that may facilitate for enhanced harmonization-based higher education mobility in the region and beyond.

The national research team consists of 6 specialists and experts from the Mongolian National Council for Education Accreditation, the Ministry of Education and Science, and the Education Evaluation Center. The team will be preparing a national case study report for Mongolia according to the pre-agreed outline, participating in relevant meetings, presenting on progress of the case study, and will synthesize the outcomes of the case study of Mongolia as part of a final report, which will be released on APNNIC portal.